Food Tour in Stockholm-Swedish Top Foods

Top Foods to Try in Stockholm

There is more to Swedish food than just meatballs. In this article, you shall learn the insider tips on what top dishes to try out when you are on your food tour in Stockholm .

Don’t leave Stockholm without trying…


Well if Stockholm had an ethnic food, then it would be nothing else that the cinnamon bun. It is tough to avoid exquisitely spiced rolls which you can easily find in most cafes, food shop, and bakery around the city. You only need to sniff and follow the scent arising from baking. Prepared from sweetened leavened bread dough that is frequently referred to as vetebrod or wheat bread. You can also flavor the cuisine with saffron, cardamom, and vanilla. These spices are used at large in Stockholm, and people say that they were brought when the Vikings started to trade in Istanbul. Try preparing your own Cinnamon buns.



When it comes to consuming mild, the Swedes are the second largest culprits in the world. Navigating dairy brands usually confuse tourist as there are wide assortments that look almost similar, glaring cartons while taking breakfast can confuse a lot. For instance, the minimjoik doesn’t have any fat, and there is the gammaldags mjolk milk which is high in cream as well as u-homogenized milk.  There is also the latter art specially made for fizzy hot drinks. However, the product that has caused quite a stir is the filmjolk. This dairy product is a bit acidic as it is prepared from soured milk, a bit like kefir or buttermilk.

Oat milk latte

Many people in Stockholm are conscious about their health, and if you initiate a conversation with a local, it will take only a few minutes before they regale you with their new outdoor pursuits or fitness tip. When it comes to nutrition, the LCHF- Low carb, high fat, and Pale5:2 diets are very popular.

Swedish Food Policy

The launch of Swedish Food Policy

Swedish food has so much to offer than just chewy fish-shaped sweets and iconic meatballs. If you wish to know a Kanelbulle from a prinsesstarta and a herring from a crayfish, here are the key facts about Stockholm food traditions.

Swedish Food Policy
                                                                                                         Swedish Food Policy

Räksmörgås and other open sandwiches

When you ask for a sandwich, do not be perplexed when it comes with a single slice of bread, the usual Swedish smorgas. The concept of open sandwiches in Stockholm started in the early 1400s when thick slices of bread were used as plates. In Stockholm, the shrimp sandwich (räkmacka or räksmörgås) remains the best option for a king. Filled with a hotchpotch of stuff such as lettuce, egg slices, cucumber and tomato, this snack is usually topped with creme Fraiche blended with roe and dill sprigs

Pea soup and pancakes

Many people in Stockholm grow up eat pancakes (ärtsoppa och pannkakor) and pea soup. The Swedish Armed Forces have also adapted this tradition. However, its exact origin is not known. Despite that, the tradition is doing pretty much okay and has stuck.


Gracing the windows of most bakeries in Stockholm is the all-time favorite prinsesstarta which is also known as green princess cake. The cake is taste sweet, thanks to the bright pink sugar rose coating. The cake comprises of several layers of yellow sponge cake lined with vanilla custard and jam and wrapped with a thick layer of whipped cream. The final product is the sealed with a thin layer of sweet green marzipan.

The calendar of sweet delights

In Stockholm, you find many people giving out any excuse just to munch something sweet. The locals love sweet stuff so much that there are certain days set aside for the celebration of distinct delicious specialties. One of the major events of such caliber is the Cinnamon Bun Day which usually happens on 4th October.

Swedish Winter Smorgasbord

 Swedish Winter Smorgasbord

  • Snaps, for example, Aquavit or Vodka
  • Julskinka (Christmas Ham)
  • Herring and Beet Salad
  • Salted Herring
  • Margarine Saffron Cake
  • Glogg
  • Kottbullar med Potatismos (Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes Swedish Ginger Cookies
  • Gravlax
  • Mustard-Dill Sauce (Gravlaxsas)
  • Jansson’s Temptation
The Swedish Smorgasbord
                                                                                                                                                     The Swedish Smorgasbord

More about this menu

It ought to be noticed that Gravlax takes no less than 48 and up to 72 hours to get ready, so prepare as needs are. Be that as it may, it’s unquestionably justified regardless of the holdup! Serve the completed item with a spread of Knackebrod, finely diced red onion, tricks, dill sprigs, and Mustard-Dill Sauce (Gravlaxsas).

The Swedish Smorgasbord has five sections, requiring five outings to the table: The primary comprises of herring dishes, (for example, cured herring) joined by Frosty cheeses and bubbled potatoes, trailed by shellfish or fish dishes like gravlax. The third stage offers room temperature meals or cold cuts with cucumber plate of mixed greens, and the last outing highlights warm nourishments like Jansson’s Temptation and Swedish meatballs.

Take in more about the historical backdrop of the Smorgasbord with Christy Hobart’s article Smorgasbord-Style. Sillsallad (herring and beet plate of mixed greens) and Julskinka (Christmas ham) are unique Christmas augmentations to the average Smorgasbord spread, seeming just on the julbord (the occasion variant of the Smorgasbord, which means Christmas table).

Swedish Glogg is hot reflected on wine typically spiked with vodka, liquor, or aquavit. This particular adaptation originates from gourmet specialist Marcus Samuelsson, motivated by recollections of his grandma making the beverage in her Goteborg, Sweden, and kitchen. Serve your visitors glasses of warm glogg with modest spoons to gather up the fragmented almonds and wine-full raisins sprinkled in the base of their mugs, close by ginger treats.


Many people in Stockholm love to take the smorgasbord in winter because it helps warm up the locals. Furthermore it easy and simple to prepare. One your Stockholm tour, don’t forget to taste smorgasbord.

Delicious food tour Stockholm

Delicious Swedish Foods and Dishes worth Savoring

While many Scandinavian nations, Stockholm, Sweden are famously known for their fabulous fish meals, there are hundreds of flavors, foods as well as recipes worth discovering. From seasonal specialties to traditional favorites, tasty and crispy to staple meals such as potatoes, all make up what is famously known as Husmanskost. In this article, you are highly welcomed to dive in and explore the following food tour Stockholm has for you.

fried pork
Raggmunk served with fried pork

Jansson’s temptation

Jansson’s frestelse is also known as Jansson’s Temptation is a classic Christmas dish in Stockholm which comprises of anchovy casserole and creamy potato. You can serve this meal at any season of the year, but the locals love to consume it during the holidays. The cuisine was named after the Swedish opera singer Pelle Janzon. He was known for being a swedish food lover.

Raggmunk and Lingonberries

Raggmunk is a famous winter dish. However, you will not be judged by anyone if you choose to eat in any other season of the year. The locals don’t usually use the newly harvested potatoes, and that is one of the main reasons why the food is eaten in winter. Raggmunk is a potato pancake that is fried with butter, and it is commonly served with Lingonberries, a renowned fried pork. Many locals love fried pork because you can eat it with just about anything.

Marinated Salmon with dill potatoes

Dill cured salmon is also referred to as Gravlax. This particular meal tastes great, and it was originally adapted from the French. However, those living in Stockholm argue that the dish has to be served with mustard sauce. Gravlax is included on the Swedish smorgasbord, and it is mostly served as thin slices, more often accompanied with dill and cold potatoes.

Stockholm Drinks

The 3 best traditional Stockholm Drinks

Stockholm is an enormously robust nation since Swedes are extremely careful about what they eat and drink. They additionally know not fun and how to spend their occasions or infrequent celebrations. Amid these holidays like Easter, Christmas and Mid-Summer Swedes have their run of the popular mill beverages, for instance, Julmust, Saft, Cider, Filmjölk, and Glögg. Beneath I will show you the best customary Swedish drinks. If you are on a Stockholm tour, you might want to taste these beverages, and I propose you to peruse on. The accompanying aide may prove to be useful, particularly on the off chance that you are keen on the fixings the beverages incorporate.

Stockholm Drinks
                                                                                                                                                            Stockholm Drinks
  1. Filmjölk

Filmjölk is a standout amongst the most famous Swedish beverages. Swedes adore the Filmjölk. A few people have one each morning, devouring it with oats, nectar, and organic products. This beverage is fundamentally the same as a joghourt because it contains protein and calcium. Grown-ups and kids both like Filmjölk. On the off chance that you adore joghourts, I think this beverage will be your most loved one.

  1. Julmust

Julmust is another traditional beverage which is expended amid Christmas season. It regards realize that Julmust is a non-mixed beverage, taking after to Filmjölk. This drink contains as fixings flavors and pop water. The fundamental distinction between these two beverages is that Julmust is an infrequent beverage while Filmjölk is an everyday drink.

  1. Juice

Juice is outstanding in numerous nations everywhere throughout the world, particularly in Northern European countries. This customary and prevalent beverage are a most loved for some individuals. The delightful Cider is made of apple, utilizing a procedure of maturation. Amid winter season Swedes add to this distinctive beverage flavors and serve this warm. Juice is typically devoured amid incidental celebrations like commemoration gatherings and amid summer months.