Delicious food tour Stockholm

Delicious Swedish Foods and Dishes worth Savoring

While many Scandinavian nations, Stockholm, Sweden are famously known for their fabulous fish meals, there are hundreds of flavors, foods as well as recipes worth discovering. From seasonal specialties to traditional favorites, tasty and crispy to staple meals such as potatoes, all make up what is famously known as Husmanskost. In this article, you are highly welcomed to dive in and explore the following food tour Stockholm has for you.

fried pork
Raggmunk served with fried pork

Jansson’s temptation

Jansson’s frestelse is also known as Jansson’s Temptation is a classic Christmas dish in Stockholm which comprises of anchovy casserole and creamy potato. You can serve this meal at any season of the year, but the locals love to consume it during the holidays. The cuisine was named after the Swedish opera singer Pelle Janzon. He was known for being a swedish food lover.

Raggmunk and Lingonberries

Raggmunk is a famous winter dish. However, you will not be judged by anyone if you choose to eat in any other season of the year. The locals don’t usually use the newly harvested potatoes, and that is one of the main reasons why the food is eaten in winter. Raggmunk is a potato pancake that is fried with butter, and it is commonly served with Lingonberries, a renowned fried pork. Many locals love fried pork because you can eat it with just about anything.

Marinated Salmon with dill potatoes

Dill cured salmon is also referred to as Gravlax. This particular meal tastes great, and it was originally adapted from the French. However, those living in Stockholm argue that the dish has to be served with mustard sauce. Gravlax is included on the Swedish smorgasbord, and it is mostly served as thin slices, more often accompanied with dill and cold potatoes.