Swedish Winter Smorgasbord

 Swedish Winter Smorgasbord

  • Snaps, for example, Aquavit or Vodka
  • Julskinka (Christmas Ham)
  • Herring and Beet Salad
  • Salted Herring
  • Margarine Saffron Cake
  • Glogg
  • Kottbullar med Potatismos (Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes Swedish Ginger Cookies
  • Gravlax
  • Mustard-Dill Sauce (Gravlaxsas)
  • Jansson’s Temptation
The Swedish Smorgasbord
                                                                                                                                                     The Swedish Smorgasbord

More about this menu

It ought to be noticed that Gravlax takes no less than 48 and up to 72 hours to get ready, so prepare as needs are. Be that as it may, it’s unquestionably justified regardless of the holdup! Serve the completed item with a spread of Knackebrod, finely diced red onion, tricks, dill sprigs, and Mustard-Dill Sauce (Gravlaxsas).

The Swedish Smorgasbord has five sections, requiring five outings to the table: The primary comprises of herring dishes, (for example, cured herring) joined by Frosty cheeses and bubbled potatoes, trailed by shellfish or fish dishes like gravlax. The third stage offers room temperature meals or cold cuts with cucumber plate of mixed greens, and the last outing highlights warm nourishments like Jansson’s Temptation and Swedish meatballs.

Take in more about the historical backdrop of the Smorgasbord with Christy Hobart’s article Smorgasbord-Style. Sillsallad (herring and beet plate of mixed greens) and Julskinka (Christmas ham) are unique Christmas augmentations to the average Smorgasbord spread, seeming just on the julbord (the occasion variant of the Smorgasbord, which means Christmas table).

Swedish Glogg is hot reflected on wine typically spiked with vodka, liquor, or aquavit. This particular adaptation originates from gourmet specialist Marcus Samuelsson, motivated by recollections of his grandma making the beverage in her Goteborg, Sweden, and kitchen. Serve your visitors glasses of warm glogg with modest spoons to gather up the fragmented almonds and wine-full raisins sprinkled in the base of their mugs, close by ginger treats.


Many people in Stockholm love to take the smorgasbord in winter because it helps warm up the locals. Furthermore it easy and simple to prepare. One your Stockholm tour, don’t forget to taste smorgasbord.