Food Tour in Stockholm-Swedish Top Foods

Top Foods to Try in Stockholm

There is more to Swedish food than just meatballs. In this article, you shall learn the insider tips on what top dishes to try out when you are on your food tour in Stockholm .

Don’t leave Stockholm without trying…


Well if Stockholm had an ethnic food, then it would be nothing else that the cinnamon bun. It is tough to avoid exquisitely spiced rolls which you can easily find in most cafes, food shop, and bakery around the city. You only need to sniff and follow the scent arising from baking. Prepared from sweetened leavened bread dough that is frequently referred to as vetebrod or wheat bread. You can also flavor the cuisine with saffron, cardamom, and vanilla. These spices are used at large in Stockholm, and people say that they were brought when the Vikings started to trade in Istanbul. Try preparing your own Cinnamon buns.



When it comes to consuming mild, the Swedes are the second largest culprits in the world. Navigating dairy brands usually confuse tourist as there are wide assortments that look almost similar, glaring cartons while taking breakfast can confuse a lot. For instance, the minimjoik doesn’t have any fat, and there is the gammaldags mjolk milk which is high in cream as well as u-homogenized milk.  There is also the latter art specially made for fizzy hot drinks. However, the product that has caused quite a stir is the filmjolk. This dairy product is a bit acidic as it is prepared from soured milk, a bit like kefir or buttermilk.

Oat milk latte

Many people in Stockholm are conscious about their health, and if you initiate a conversation with a local, it will take only a few minutes before they regale you with their new outdoor pursuits or fitness tip. When it comes to nutrition, the LCHF- Low carb, high fat, and Pale5:2 diets are very popular.