In China, Infobird Co. Ltd. Nasdaq ifbd is launching a new generation of SaaS

In China, Infobird Co. Ltd. Nasdaq ifbd is launching a new generation of SaaS

About Infobird Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: IFBD) 

Beijing Infobird Co. Ltd., NASDAQ IFBD at , is a specialist provider of “Cloud Computing” Customer Management System and Service, was founded in 2001. Infobird has been providing businesses with construction networks of corporate connectivity and consumer management platforms with considerable commitment and changes over the years, insisting on technical advancement and industry discovery.

Infobird NASDAQ IFBD offers innovative personalized “Cloud Computing” customer management technology applications for many companies and organizations, based on a “customer-centric” mentality and using “Cloud Computing” architecture and SaaS model. The call-center-based Cloud Management Platform “Qitongbao” first appeared on the market in 2008. It celebrates the beginning of a new era of enterprise-level Internet applications.

Thousands of businesses use Infobird, including those in the banking, tourism, telecommunications, administration, logistics, education and training, e-commerce, and other sectors. Alibaba, eLong, PICC, Qinghai-Tibet rail passenger service center, President Inc., Holland, among others are examples of traditional clients. For its SaaS product, Qitongbao, Infobird was named a “Red Herring Top 100 Global Company” in 2009.

In the future, info bird will work to develop a knowledge support network for China’s modern service industry to assist Chinese businesses in quickly adopting cloud computing.

It offers cloud customer support through omnichannel channels.

  • One-stop processing and omnichannel connectivity to Cloud providers available at any time and from any place.
  • The technical help of several licenses
  • Collaboration between humans and machines

Next-generation of SAAS

China’s cloud computing spending increased by more than 32% in the last quarter of the year, from about 107 billion dollars in 2019 to 142 billion dollars in 2020. The rapid adoption of cloud computing in China is fueled by long-term structural developments in the country’s economy, and increased market acceptance of cloud and SaaS solutions, both of which point to massive sector expansion. These factors, among others, are propelling the demand higher as more businesses migrate to cloud-based computing to save money, raise sales, and improve customer experience and satisfaction. The transition is also resulting in a convergence of SaaS and customer-engagement actions, moving away from passive conventional initiatives and toward constructive AI-powered SaaS solutions. It is precisely the kind of paradigm shift that smart capital seeks.

However, the country’s SaaS market is highly concentrated, with just around 35% of the overall market share held by the top ten vendors. To grab a piece of China’s vast market, Infobird Co. Ltd. NASDAQ: IFBD is unveiling the next wave of SaaS. The group has represented many leading companies in different sectors over the years. You can find more stocks like nasdaq tsla which you can check at